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Guardian - Monthly Monitoring Background Check

The Guardian Background Check provides added defense against negligent worker claims. Onsite workers, Drivers and all workers interacting with the public daily presents a huge liability for employers including rising insurance premiums. Guardian is a proactive approach to employer, employee and public safety.


1. Background Check with Comprehensive Alias, Criminal Record Search.

2. National Criminal Records Search runs on the 1st of each month.

3. A status report is sent to the employer on the 1st of each month.

New Records Only

• National: Sex Offender Registry
• State and County Criminal Record Search
​ • National Comprehensive Alias, Criminal Record Search (New Records Only)
​ • National Security Watchlist

Comprehensive Alias, Criminal Record Search This search exploits all found identifiers related to the applicant's social security number and performs a multi-level cross evaluation of variable identities to attempt to resolve overlooked records, often by marriage, assumed identities and double last names including foreign name variations. All available identifiers work together to build dynamic multi-criteria, national criminal searches.

NOTE: National Criminal Search includes all united states however not all court jurisdictions are made available, due to limitations imposed by state and county governments. Separate state and county searches are conducted within each state the applicant has resided within a 7 year period. This is done by a licensed Investigator specifically targeting reliable data sources for best results.
NOTE: Onsite record retrieval may require additional mandatory access fees.
NOTE: State Driving Records may be added with an additional fee.

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