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Our Mission

Provide each client with a commitment to affordable high-quality investigative services held in the strictest of confidence. To provide valuable information that supports informative hiring decisions. Information that will help protect the physical, emotional and legal interest of our clients and its employees within the quality of our work. We support the individual needs of our diverse client base; We partner our services with the client; to support the goals of the client, attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a safe, supportive work environment. We do this with an emphasis on customer service based on consultation and communication.  We provide Background Reports that are free from "fluff" yet, Informative so our clients can make wise hiring decisions with the highest confidence.


Background Specialty, Inc. was created to better service the confusing compliance responsibilities within the background industry.  Employee fraud and criminal risk have never been greater.  Background Specialty Investigations, is a client focused Investigative research firm providing professional investigative Background Checks and related services to large and small corporations, law firms, the insurance industry and to small business and Churches.  Our commitment to quality, integrity, and confidence, underscored by highest attention to client services, has established our reputation for excellent performance. Thus enabling us to develop an organization uniquely structured to provide the most qualified and effective screening programs available. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our professional investigative approach that sets us apart from other Screening Services. Our team is committed to providing our clients high quality, thorough and up to date information available.


  • Employment Background Checks

  • Investigative Background Checks

  • National On-Site Court House Records

  • SSN Verification

  • County Level Criminal Search

  • Statewide Criminal Search

  • National Criminal Index

  • Federal Circuit Criminal Search

  • Bankruptcy

  • National / State Sex Offender Registry

  • Federal Court Civil Records

  • Driving Record Checks (MVR/DMV)

  • Employment Verifications

  • Education / Degree Verifications

  • Health Care Credentials

  • Technical Certification Verification

  • Security Watch List

  • (Robust security sources worldwide.)

  • Asset Tracing

  • Business Background Reports

  • Skip Trace Report 

  • Transshipping Investigations

  • Process Server - North Carolina 

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