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An investigative approach to better hires!
A Background Check (Consumer Report)  is not an investigation; however, if handled improperly results will often give a false narrative.  Our licensed Investigators practice an investigative approach.  Our approach offers a qualified assessment of the applicant's most common risk and identifiers, such as Identity, Court Records, Criminal Records, Civil Records, Sex Offender Registry, Driving Records.  
We also offer, when necessary a  Background Investigation (Investigative Report) additionally includes a detailed narrative that can include many things related to a particular job; including Employment and Degree Verifications, Security Watch Lists, and phone interviews. Reports can prepare a timeline of events including alerts of inconsistencies found. This managed approach is designed to avoid misinterpreting variable and vague court records and avoid (FCRA) false Adverse Action conflicts with quality information.
Guardian Background Checks
do not expire!
We provide Comprehensive Background Checks that can include automatic monthly Criminal Record updates. Guardian was developed to protect the service industry from unknown liabilities.  Employers will receive an update of any changes on the 1st day of every month for each employee.  Guardian is a cost effective solution for your peace of mind. 
  • Security that supports compliance.

  • High-grade data encryption

  • Supports HIPAA, FINRA, other 

      industry regulations


Access your files, where and when you need them. Use your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device to access, request files from anywhere.

Client Focused Nationwide Background Screening

Investigative  Solutions
for Background Screening
             Criminal and Court Records
             Criminal Records Monitoring
              Sex Offender Registries
              Motor Vehicle  Records
              Employment Verification
              Education Verification
               Professional License
              National Security Watch List

Investigators practice an Investigative Approach. Our approach offers a qualified assessment of the applicant such as

Guardian Background Checks do not expire!
"You have a friend in the business"

Our clients know we have their interest and safety at heart.

We are friendly and helpful and don't leave you hanging. 

           We maintain a robust network of onsite court runners in every               state. Our criminal Data is  Comprehensive and  FCRA                               compliant.












No  Annual Commitments, No  Setup Fees 

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